Combination Program #1:  (ages 3-4)

Combination Program #2:  (ages 4-5)

Combination Program #3:  (age 5-6 )

Our special  younger children’s combination classes # 1 and #2 include the fundamentals of ballet and tap.  These classes develop motor skills, rhythm, and self-confidence while introducing the basic skills of dance in a fun way appropriate to each age group.  Combination class #3  also includes

jazz / hip hop.


The study of ballet produces grace,  precision, and strength.  It is the base of all forms of dance because of its ability to develop flexibility, good body placement and correct technique. 

Jazz/ Hip Hop

A contemporary free style of dance to current music trends.  It includes stretches, isolations, floor work and combinations.  It includes stretches, jumps, turns, isolations,  floor work and combinations.  This class incorporates classic jazz, broadway theater jazz and hip hop.


A rhythmic, audible form of dance that improves coordination.  It incorporates a wide range of  musical styles and tends to stimulate music appreciation.  It is an effective way to learn good timing.


A very expressive combination of ballet and jazz styles for teens that tells a story or delivers a message.    It encourages the emotional expression of dance while improving balance, flexibility and body placement.


This ballet class is available,  at the teacher’s discretion, only after a good base knowledge of ballet, body placement and sufficient muscular development has been acquired by the student.