About Dance Dimensions

​​​Dance Dimensions is celebrating its 41st year  in its original East Aurora location, serving our students with professional instruction in the Performing Art of Dance.  We understand the study of dance instills a discipline of body and mind that will benefit a student both on  and off stage. The gift of a quality dance education can last a lifetime.  It creates a true appreciation for music, the arts, and the effort necessary to train the body physically.  Through performing, students develop the self-confidence, mental strength and determination that will serve them well to succeed in life.  The friendships and stronger characters they build with  our program can benefit them for a lifetime. 

A positive atmosphere is extremely important to us.  We create a family atmosphere where every single child and class is important and receives the same high level of attention.  Every class deserves creativity in their dance's choreography and attention to detail in age appropriate costumes and music.    Our local recital provides a calm, organized, beautiful setting for our students to display their accomplishments.  

We are extremely proud of our students successes and are honored to be a part of their lives.   We are proud to be a part of the East Aurora community.