Safety Plan for Reopening


When arriving for class, please wait with your student outside. When the teacher opens the door, the students will enter one at a time for a touchless temperature check (over 100 will not be allowed entry).  Make sure your student has passed temperature check before departing.


Masks will be required entering and exiting the building, when using the bathroom and anytime during class when 6 foot distance between students cannot be maintained.


After entry, students will stop at the hand sanitizing station (or they can use their own hand sanitizer if preferred) before entering main dance room.


Shoe bags go in cubby then the student will proceed to a circle spacer to put on their dance shoes.  Spacers will be used throughout class to maintain proper 6” distance between students.


Parents and visitors will not be allowed in the waiting rooms until further notice.


It is very important to make every effort to be on time this year.  If you miss the arrival time, please ring the doorbell to the right of the green door.  The teacher will then talk to you over the intercom and you can press the talk button to tell her who is arriving.  The teacher will then come out to do the temp check and supervise hand sanitizing.


Please be in the parking lot ten minutes before class ends to pick up your student.  Teachers will escort the students to the door and help with coats and shoes if necessary.  It will help to have names on all shoes and coats in case more than one child has the same style coat or shoes/boots.  Please beon time so teachers have the proper time for sanitizing the studio before the next class arrives.


The studio will be disinfected between classes.  This will include all frequently touched areas such as door knobs, bathroom fixtures, barres, stereo equipment, light switches, and cubbies.  Floors and spacers will be cleaned with a special disinfectant cleaner this year.  


Saturday 9:00 class and  Saturday 10:00 class will be allowed to have one parent escort them into the studio the first two weeks  of class only, then leave as soon as they have entered the main dance room.  We recognize that our younger students may need additional parental support at first.


This year, the studio will be communicating all important information throughout the year by email, so please be sure the studio always has your current email in our records. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to call or email anytime.Type your paragraph here.